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Since 1998, our solutions using Excel, Word, Access and Powerpoint have helped businesses and individuals streamline their process flow saving time and money as well as reducing errors caused by inadvertent user input.

We have provided solutions for government departments, small to mid-size businesses and individuals. We have worked with companies in a variety of industries including the military, mortgage, finance, property management, restaurants and numerous retail stores.

Our training saves dollars in employee hours saved from performing redundant tasks that Excel performs automatically. Additionally, a benefit to the employee assists in retaining the employee.




Train individuals up to 10 per class on Excel proficiency.

Professional Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint Services – all work is guaranteed!
​Transfer data to/from Quicken, Quickbooks or any other software – via xml, csv, Access, SQL
Consolidate bank statements, financial statements from any financial institution
Create PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents from templates and Excel data – contracts, labels, mailings etc
Validate data to reduce input error – i.e. restricting input to dollar amounts, dollar ranges, date ranges, dropdown lists
​Import information from other spreadsheets and databases
Read spreadsheets from other spreadsheets – keeping formulas and information consistent
Format cells, sheets for easier reading of spreadsheets
Organize information to reduce duplicate information and enhance reporting accuracy
Model complex financial data, identify/forecast trends, mind data
Protect specific information for being changed or viewed by using levels of security and passwords
Automate emails from lists – send mass emails with a click of a button
Products created Inventory System,Sales System, Billing System, Payroll System, Budgets, Presentations,Scheduling
Invoices, contracts, labels, mailings, reports, presentations, Auto Bulk Emails
Features/Platforms used
Formulas, Functions, Macros (VBA), Data Tables, Pivot Tables, Named Ranges, Charts, Graphs, Data Validation, UserForms, Data Mining, Payroll Systems, Sales Systems, PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint, Outlook

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